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(2/3/08)  Here's a view down North Intermediate Lake Road from the Birch Point (Abby Lane) drive.  Snowmobilers have been using Jeff and Lisa's field on the left, which is trespassing, but I don't think there will be any sign of it when the snow melts.

(2/3/08)  The ice is probably solidly frozen until the spring thaw.  You can see one shanty from where this was taken at the Shahan compound.

(1/21/08)  This is the new building at the Charlevoix Marina that I thought was going to be a mushroom house.  Apparently it's a bandshell for summer concerts.  I'll keep an eye on it as it develops.

(1/15/08)  I took this across the highway from the Government Center after I voted.  There are only a few inches of snow on the ground, but that's enough to make it scenic without fouling up driving too much.

(1/8/08)  On the last day of our early January thaw, fog has built up over the wet ice between the Shahan compound and Mile Point.  The temperature was 47° when this was taken.

(1/6/08)  Three days into our January thaw, a thin layer of water lies on top of the ice as seen from the village dock area.  This would become a beautiful skating rink if we had a hard freeze with no snow or wind.

(1/2/08)  State Street from the bridge looking toward town.

(1/2/08)  This dairy farm is just south of King Orchards on M-88.

(12/26/07)  Work on the Charlevoix Marina is ongoing through the winter.  Judging from the stonework and shape of the roof, the building appears to be a mushroom house design.

(12/20/07)  Snowmobile tracks onto the ice can be seen from the boat launch at the campground.  With the relatively warm weather that we've had the past few days, that's rather risky.

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