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(5/6/08)  This was taken from M-88 by King Orchards looking toward Shooks.  The grove closest to the silos is probably tart cherry trees that won't bloom for another few days, while the ones in bloom must be sweets.  Copy 45.120N, 85.305W into to see a satellite view of Shooks Farms.

(5/1/08)  A parade of cormorants is watched by two swans and a lawn jockey.  I took this from the boat launch by the islands where they want to put the water ski course.

(3/10/08)  This frozen fountain is across Old State Road from Jeff's field.  I think it's an artesian well.

(2/28/08)  The collapsed barn behind the stone house across the road from Helena's.

(2/22/08)  Hanley Cove continues to expand.  The smaller units sell for $198.5K while a sales unit is advertised for $166K.

(2/22/08)  Main Street on a Friday noon.  The Congregational Church tower was actually playing "White Christmas."

(2/20/08)  A mute swan lounges on the ice near the Central Lake bridge.

(2/16/08)  Looking from the Charlevoix lighthouse southward toward the Medusa Cement plant on a typically dreary day.  Lake Michigan has a thin layer of ice beyond the shoreline ice buildup.  What appear to be whitecaps are just chunks of snow on the clear ice.

(2/16/08)  The Charlevoix boat channel entrance from Lake Michigan.  I don't remember the lake or channel being as frozen at this time last year.  The channel ice is loose and I could hear it moving.

(2/3/08)  A winter view through the Parris porch.

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