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(5/1/09)  The new Blue Pelican signs.


(5/1/09)  The twofer tables and what I think is the new kitchen.

(4/15/09)  This was taken from the Hardys' a week after the wintry picture below.

(4/7/09)  The ice was melting in early April when I took this from the point at the Shahan compound, but the weather was still wintry.

(2/9/09)  Our thaw hasn't scared away the ice fishermen from Torch Lake.  The shanties are in a line just south of the Eastport boat launch, and must be over a drop-off.

(2/9/09)  There's a crew at the new Blue Pelican every day, so they seem to be serious about having it open this spring.

(2/9/09)  The fire department apparently burnt up whatever was burnable of the old Blue Pelican building, and now they'll have to truck away the rest.  You can see some smoke rising from the center.

(2/5/09)  The front dining room of the old Blue Pelican building has come down.  At first I thought it was because of the snow load, but they must have given it a shove.  There are always cars in front of the Lamplighter Inn, so they're busy getting the new Blue Pelican ready for spring.

(1/18/09)  This is a time exposure taken at 11:30 PM under a full moon at a temperature of 4°.  I couldn't see any stars through the thin overcast, but the moon was still bright.

(11/6/08)  The cherry orchards provide the last of the fall colors after the maples, birches, and other deciduous trees have gone bare.

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