KenCam - Central Lake, Michigan
Latitude 45° 3' 55.2" N, Longitude 85° 15' 5.9" W

This is the live web cam shot of my back yard on Intermediate Lake Road in Central Lake.  Besides the birds, you can occasionally see deer, rabbits, skunks, opossums, squirrels, and raccoons feeding on the ground.  In winter I have a snow depth gauge installed.    The picture is updated every three seconds during daylight hours until I turn the camera off around sunset.  You can email me with any questions or comments.

(4/24/14)  Temperatures are still chilly, with highs in the 50s and nights in the 30s.  We'll have a chance of showers this afternoon with rain expected tomorrow.  The Beaver Island ferry should have started running last week, but the schedule has been delayed until the Lake Michigan ice clears.  The Intermediate Lake level continues to steadily drop, with the reading this morning at 8.35 feet.

Click for Central Lake, Michigan Forecast

(4/19/14)  Here's a photo of the river as seen from the Central Lake bridge with the water level at 8.8 feet, slightly down from its record level of last November.  It's leveled off over the past few days, and it remains to be seen where it will go from here.  Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.

(4/13/14)   Ice at the north end of the lake has melted, while the water level has approached within a few inches of the record highs of last November.  The southern parts of the lake remain frozen.  Click here to see changes over the seasons.

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