KenCam - Central Lake, Michigan
Latitude 45° 3' 55.2" N, Longitude 85° 15' 5.9" W

This is the live web cam shot of my backyard on Intermediate Lake Road in Central Lake.    In winter I have a snow depth gauge installed.  For an update on road conditions, you can click the Bellaire Street Cam button on the right.  The picture is updated every six seconds during daylight hours until I turn the camera off around sunset.  You can email me with any questions or comments.

(5/25/16)  We're expecting temperatures well into the 80s with some on and off rain over the next few days.

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(5/18/16)  Two Eastern Bluebirds spent a long time trying to get through my den window.  I think they were either cut off from their nest or were attacking their own reflections.  Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
(5/14/16)  I spotted my first hummingbird of the season on a wet, chilly Saturday morning.  Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
(5/8/16)  I'm still waiting to spot my first hummingbird of the season, but the Rose-breasted Grosbeak hanging around my feeders this morning is another sign that spring has arrived.  Click to enlarge.
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(3/14/16)   The water looks deceptively clear of ice on this rainy mid-March day.  In fact, most of the lake is still frozen to the south.  Click here to view changes over the seasons.

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