Tundra Swans and Bear Sightings

(12/9/2022)  I saw a family of rare Tundra Swans near the Corner Store Tuesday afternoon.  There were two adults and three cygnets.  According to this migration map, these birds were migrating from the Colville River Delta on the north coast of Alaska to Chesapeake Bay.  Check out this picture (from the internet) to tell the difference between our usual Mute Swans, these Tundra Swans, and the larger Trumpeter Swans, and this link for information about the eight world swan species.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge Tuesday's picture and a shot from a few days later, when the birds were driven toward Thurston Park by a thin sheet of ice.  (12/21/2022) Update: The two adult Tundra swans are still hanging around the northern tip of the lake. They may be intending to stay for the winter before returning to Alaska.

(4/3/2022)  My bird feeder was trashed last night after a midnight visit by a bear.  I managed to get some pictures this time, and will keep the food inside until later this spring. I may leave one seed feeder up high and hope that he can't reach it.  At least he's not Hank the Tank.  Judging by the size of the window, I think the bear stood around 5' 4" tall on his hind legs.  Some people think he looks bigger.  To illustrate how it can be exaggerated, see this Far Side.  Click on the thumbnail to see the camera shots.