Hi Ken,

Keith and I wanted to let you know that his mother Jean died Sunday, November 7th, rather suddenly actually. She went into the hospital Thursday night with a temperature and an infection, was better on Friday, though tired. She told the doctors she absolutely didn't want Keith and David to come into town because she was too tired to deal with them! Then Saturday morning her doctor called to say that she had had a massive heart attack and we needed to come to St. Louis right away. David flew in from Colorado and we drove down from Chicago Saturday night, saw her in the hospital looking great, chipper, making jokes, and eating and wondered if there was a mistake. Sunday morning we realized that she was indeed very ill and she died Sunday afternoon. The doctors and nurses kept saying what a nice lady and she sure knows what she wants. True on all accounts. She refused all special measures, and when they told her she had had a heart attack, replied, "So what!" She was in control to the end; just what she would have wanted. So, it is just our generation now on the Birch Point Plat!

Will you please pass this on to the Ken Cam group.

Thank you,