Dave's Chicken Coop

Dave Hardy and Bill Tuttle built a chicken coop next to the Hardy garage.  When the chickens were delivered, the box was upside down and the lid fell open when it was removed from the truck bed, spilling both birds.  The Hardys' dog Sam then came charging out of the house and attacked one of the chickens while the other one took off into the woods.  Unfortunately, the injured bird didn't survive.  After considerable time spent hunting the survivor, it was found over by Carey's place.  She is now ensconced in her quarters while Sam is restricted to a leash until Dave returns to St. Louis this weekend and the chicken is returned to Bill.  Scroll down for pictures.

Update 6/7/11:  Lois the chicken was returned to Bill Tuttle today after laying four eggs!

The exercise yard with the coop on the right.  The top is covered with chicken wire to hopefully keep the varmits out.

Lois the chicken.

The world's most expensive eggs.